3M Respirator PLY mask
March 13, 2020
OV Valved Fold-Flat Particulate Respirator
March 13, 2020

Actived-carbon Dust/Mist Respirator with Valve


AS/NZS1716:2012 P1 approved

  • Charcoal (Active-carbon) layer helps filtering odorous and organic vapors and purifying the air
  • Exhalation valve makes breathing easier and reduces hot air build up
  • Soft close-cell foam and adjustable nose piece allows individual facial adjustment and increases the wearing comfort and acceptance.
  • Latex free head straps minimize the possibility of skin allergy
  • Special contour design has better fit and reduces leakage
  • Compatible of glasses/goggles and decrease fogging
  • Recommended applications: mining work, welding work, craft work, iron and steel (metal) industry, textile industry, hospital, laboratory
  • Primary advantages: efficient filtrating with low breathing resistance, long duration, maintenance free, light weight, etc.