Trust the tradition. Quality Livestock

Polska Livestock prides itself on the natural breeding of structurally sound goats and sheep, reared under paddock conditions. We have been since early 1989, breeding quality goats & sheep from a range of genetics.


Our Livestock

We started out as a mini ranch, raising Boer goats, Kalahari red goats, Dorper and Damara sheep. Slowly and carefully, we purchased quality breeding animals from numerous reliable farms. Since then, it has been all about the quality and customer satisfaction. We strive to maintain herd sizes that are manageable without outside help.
Our primary objectives have always been:
1: To sell only healthy, productive breeding and show stock.
2: To ensure our customers are extremely happy with what they buy from us.
3: To know our Livestock will thrive in their new homes with healthy environments.

We care about the quality of our livestock and every detail


Years on the market

Consistency in the market is our trait. We don't compromise with the quality..


satisfied customers

Our customers'satisfaction is our business, we place them at the center of all our operations.

Our Satisfied Customers